Crystal Palace Open 2013

Crystal Palace Open

Today I ran at Crystal Palace’s indoor track in the 60 metres. The indoor track feels more like an outdoor track as it is freezing cold and the only source of warmth is the infrared heaters scattered around, so it was a chore to warm up.

My first race wasn’t that great, I didn’t get a good start as they were using electronic guns, which I had never raced with before. However I came joint first with strong finish to tie with Femi Owolade in 6.88.

My second race was a lot better, I reacted a lot better to the electronic gun as I was expectant of the sound of the gun, my pick up was ok but my finish was good taking my through the line in 6.77, just off my PB.

New PB! – Eton Open 2013

New PB! - Eton Open 2013

Today I ran at Eton’s indoor track (more like a sports hall) in the 60 metres.

I won my first race but wasn’t happy with my start however I finished well, clocking 6.9 hand timed, as the electronic timer didn’t stop! – A little bit annoyed that it wasn’t a electronic time but determined use that agression to clock a PB in the next round.

The second race was much better, I got a great start (but still could be improved), an average mid-phase but finished strong to cross the line in a new PB of 6.76! I tweeted this shortly after the race:

Hopefully, God willing I can improve on this further come the trails in Sheffield next week.

Metaswitch Open – First race of the season

Metaswitch Open - First race of the season

I competed at the Metaswitch open today at Lee Valley. I ran 6.88 in the first round and 6.87 in the second round, which is a brilliant start to the season, just 0.06 off my PB. Hopefully more to come!

First race was good but didn’t get a good start, but maintained my speed well to come second.

Second race, I felt I had a better start and executed the race better, however my start is something I need to work on and improve ready for the South of England Championships in 2 weeks time.