BUCS Outdoor Championships 2013

BUCS Outdoor Championships 2013

Friday and Saturday I ran in the 100m for Brunel University.

On the Friday I was in the 11th Heat, got a OK start and cruised through to win the heat in 10.7 (Manual Timing) .

Saturday started off with the Semi-Final and was up against Ade Adewale from Essex University. I got a good start and a decent pick up however I didn’t push it any further because my hamstrings were feeling tight and came second in 10.60 (+0.5).

In the Final, I got a really good start and had a really good pick up, I was about to start step it up a gear but I felt a cramping sensation in my left hamstring. I slowed slightly and my momentum took my through the line, and finished Third in 10.53w (+2.3) behind Ade Adewale 10.41w & Samuel Osewa 10.52.

The night before I couldn’t sleep and only had 1.5 hours sleep! The weather that day was much hotter than it had been all month so dehydration, diet, sitting down a lot revising which leads lack of mobility and stress probably all contributed to the hamstring pull. Lessons to learn for next time.

This meant that I couldn’t run the 200m which I was gutted about, however I am happy that the injury highlighted things I need to work on.

Here are some tweets from over the two days



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